Twitter Assignment #SH2200

After 14 days of Tweeting, I learned how vital a tool Twitter is. Twitter can relay messages quickly and efficiently whenever one wishes. Tweets can instantly go viral, causing Twitter to be an extremely powerful way of communication. However, Twitter is not solely about communicating news and important information. I find Twitter to be somewhat of a therapeutic method. Twitter allows users to upload thoughts and emotions instantly. If I am happy and I don’t know who to tell first, I tweet it. Twitter is an outlet for anyone and everyone to say exactly how he or she feels at that very moment.

After reading the articleTwitter for College Students: 7 Tips Plus a Bonus, I learned how important Twitter is not only for everyday users, but also for companies and educators. Companies can easily relay information about upcoming products, current events and simply anything they choose. Twitter can also be easily accessed on one’s smartphone or tablet, allowing tweets to be uploaded on real time. I also learned how much more interesting one’s Twitter is to follow when the user uploads links or pictures followed by a comment. It is intriguing to read how individuals feel about specific topics and then interpret those topics how one wishes after reading the link or viewing the picture.

Twitter is an extremely personal but vital tool in communication. I feel as though every individual with access to Twitter should create an account. Not only can it be relaxing and a wonderful tool to vent to for personal reasons, but it is also a way to express and relay important information to the world.


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